Is this a heart-to-heart or something?

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My mom's writing a parent statement for my counselor for my college apps. And she just called me in to ask what sort of stuff she should put under the "any special challenges/obstacles your child has overcome..." section that my counselor didn't already know. I.e., did my counselor know that I was gay?

Hah, wow, I love it, I actually JUST checked out my Gay and Lesbian Guide to College Life from the library today!

So it was a touch awkward, but she started telling me how proud she is of me, the courage and confidence I've shown. She was tearing up a little (but just a little, thank god). Then she was asking me, oh, wasn't it wonderful to have the GSA there since 7th grade. Well, I only started going regularly last year (though I've wanted to since like 9th or 10th grade, but had a sched. conflict). I wanted to at first, but I quit right at the beginning of 7th grade "so people wouldn't think I was gay." Haha. Also, I think it might've been my mom who encouraged me to that. Oh well.

But still. That was... strange... (esp. considering that I spent the afternoon blowing off HW to watch lesbian short films on Logo). But nice. In a strange way... nice. Yeah. Or something.

BUT, homework now. Just wanted to share ^^