It's been a while

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...hasn't it? :3

Miss me? I'd thought about you guys but I've been busy with school and not so much anything else, so there was nothing to report.

Clothing-wise, I've gotten even more guy-ish than usual, and I've seriously been considering asking mom to wear a tux at the wedding.

OH! I have to tell you guys that! A few days ago, Mom and Dan, who've been dating for like, four years, and engaged for like two years, have FINALLY set their date for their wedding.

July 17th. Be there or be square.

But, aside from the clothing, I've been wanting to be more girly sometimes. I have a newfound affinity for makeup, and have learned to love my face just a little more. And I've learned how to rid myself of the nasty under-the-skin zits I've been getting. Or rather, haven't been getting anymore.

I'm kinda questioning myself, because the interests of my yin and yang are clashing too much.

Boys? Psh, things happened, now I'm no longer interested in the guys around me. I do, however, have a massive crush on my friend Linda. We're gonna hang out on Halloween, yay. :3

But she's straight.


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july 17th is my parent's

july 17th is my parent's wedding anniversary... (:

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That's crazy, dude!

They picked July 17th 'cause that's about when they started dating.



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Hey Congrats!

And its cool to hear from you again.
Also, you should totally wear a tux! That would be so cool.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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it has indeed been a while.

it has indeed been a while. nice to hear from you!

weddings are always fun. i went to many when i was around age 8-10, but i haven't been to one since. my friends are all my generation or my parents', and there aren't many marriages in either generation around now. lol

it's good that you love your face more. i hope that day will come sometime in the near future for me...=)
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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what kind of makeup?

what kind of makeup?

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I like

lipstick. Hands down, my favorite form of makeup.