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it hasn't rained since...i dont even know when...geez...
so i have a friend who's really just...flirty with everybody...
and yesterday she started saying that she really really loves me...
and everytime while we hug i think that maybe it's best to just ignore it
because i'm pretty sure she's straight...yep...she's straight...
so anyways...i have just a slightly better idea of what flirting is...
juuuuuust barely...anyone who to explain?

gsa! it's tomorrow! i'm so excited and nervous because we're sharing stories and i'm most likely going to open up with the first story...*squeeee!*

kimi has a boo boo
and it looks just like you


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I don't get

flirting either... Sorry buddy, can't help you much =(

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oh i wish..

i wish i knew wat flirting is!!! i wish...cuz apparently i do it by accident and i trully dont mean to.

Life is easily complicated.

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i've had more that 20 people try to explain it to me...:( i still dont geddit

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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Maybe I should start asking people too...

Nothing is good or bad, but thinking makes it so.

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It's uhm... What is it? I

It's uhm... What is it? I LOVE doing it.
It's sort of just a certain way two people interact. It's friendly and casual. Whenever I do it, it's usually with someone I sorta click with, y'know?

But anyway, when you do it, you probably'll realize it.

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doesn't help much...

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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I'm in socal too... and it's

I'm in socal too... and it's supposed to pour til thursday!
No idea about the flirting... wish I knew :(

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a socal rez! what county?
ya i no rite?
but rain is amaaaaaazing!<3

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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i like the rain

but i hate that my hair must get all frizzy :| but yeah it hasnt rained here in awhile :) and if it means me gettin a fuzzy head then its ok :)

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