Jesus Bleibet Mein Freude

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so we're singing this amazing piece by Bach...gorgeous piano part and there's flute in there too...we haven't worked with the flutest yet...

jesus bleibet mein freude
(jesus is all my joy)
meines herzens trost und soft
(my heart's solace and strenghth)
jesus wehret allem leide
(jesus keeps me from sorrow)
er ist meines lebens kraft
(he's my life-force)
meiner augen lust und sonne
(my eye's desire and sun)
meiner seele schats und wonne
(my soul's treasure and wonder)
darum lass' ich jesum nicht
(thus i cannot let jesus)
aus dem herrzen und gesicht
(out of my heart or sight)

we haven't learned it completely yet and if i got anything wrong blame the score because i copied it from there...

this amazing latin piece we're also working on!
"O Magnum mysterium"

o magnum mysterium
(o great mystery)
et abmirabile sacramentum
(and of wonderous importance)
o magnum mysterium
et abmirabile sacramentum
et abmirabile sacramentum
ut animalia
(twas the animals)
viderent dominumnatum
(that saw the lord)

and that's all we've learned and i'm just too lazy to type everything else...

just wanted to share a little piece of my day :]


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Piano + Flute = Awesome!

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Beautiful Applause!!

sounds utterly amazing!!

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