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haha...i bet you were thinking somethin diiiirty! lol
anyways! Blue came over but only after she got lost a few times
and i had to find her :p
we watched ghost whisperer, medium and numbers...she stayed until
11:20 somethin-ish :D suuuuuper late...and by the time the last show
was over we were both dead tired...including me...i was like a zombie
with the groans and everything...haha...
i'm really really happy...we spent a whole three plus hours together :D
for some part of the first show she let me lay my head on her lap until
her leg went numb...haha...then...she let me poke the veins on her
hand and arm...:p i have a weird vein thing...also..i told her that weenis
joke thing...there's the weenis and the clagina...haha....geddit? and they
together perfectly! XD

so today i took the PSATs and almost fell asleep during part of the english section...
that's because i didn't sleep until about 12:30...:p
so now i'm off to the library for some help on bio...with Blue :D


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You sound like...

You're having fun!
Go you!!! XD
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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idk why?

for some reason the psat seemed easier this year than last.

Life is easily complicated.