latest adventure with BLUE!

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so today i stay at school just a bit longer than
Blue and i continued to talk and spin on our heels
i, spinning like an idiot
and her, spinning like a pro (she's a dancer :D)
she beautiful...<3
and then my mom calls and, like a good child, i lie
my excuse: help on bio :D
anyways...i ask her to walk with me to the corner again
and so we stop there and just talk AGAIN
and it goes from like, 3:30 something to like...5 somethingish
haha...around the 5 somethingish we were joined
by...guy friend, gal friend and bestie...
but before we get into that...
my amazing time with Blue :D
we talk about our memories and random things
then i feels all musical and stuff so i start snapping
and she starts snapping with me...
so then i feel like singing...and ask her to sing with me
her excuse is that she cant sing, sing well that
anyways, so i start singing and i can hear her softly joining in
totally cute :D and bestie shows up as i'm singing
and then guy & gal friend show up...talking about what song to sing
time to say goodbye to gal friend then D: Blue
so i say bye wifey and tell her to say hi to aristole...cant spell his first
name...:p and we're all like ok, bye and i'm all like wait!
bear hug! :D
so that's the end of my adventure with blue but then the adventure with
bestie...oh that's we talk abou stuff then it goes to blue/wifey
and blahblahblah...she thinks blue might be one crush that might be
requitted...i'd like that...:)
anyways...bestie kills me while tutoring me in bio...i died...
i screamed alot...and she yell until her throat got scratchy...
she managed to get a whole chapter into my brain...
people dont realize that she's acutally
she one of those people that come off as sweet and innocent and shit
but she's one crazy old but i love her <3 lol
so now i hope that i'll actually get a passing grade on this next test! :D


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Blue sound....

Like the best girl ever.

Good luck.

Hope you sweep her off her feet! XD

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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oh geez...

makes me so damn fucking happy i didn't think i could be this happy :D
my happiness needs to be spread! :DDDDDDDDDDD

That's so straight. No, seriously.