March for Equality anyone?!

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Is anyone else here going to the March for Equality on Sunday in D.C?

If you are, let's march together!



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I'm going! I had planned on

I'm going! I had planned on going with people from GW's Allied in Pride/Association of Queer Women & Allies. Maybe we could meet up sometime before/during/after?

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That would be awesome. I'm going with a group of friends/ my brother and his boyfriend lol.

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I wish!!

Damn Ohio. I hate it here.
Wish my state was cool like D.C. (Although technically its a district... 0.o)
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Vermont, you know, some 500

Vermont, you know, some 500 miles away from DC.

So, sorry, no. I am volunteering at a fair for the Vermont Freedom to Marry Coalition (which is soon to be dissolved, because we have the freedom to marry in Vermont) though!

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There are supposedly other marches happening this weekend to coincide with the NEM, no clue where or when, though.

It's a National March, so DC isn't cool, the organizers are from all over the place. We're going to DC cuz that's where the government is....

Of course, we're going when they're out of session, and after demanding Obama speak about gay issues, he'll be speaking at a HRC event the night before, and many of the marchers plan to protest him, so yeah, I'll stay in CA, rather than do silly things.

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dejected sigh

Alas no, I will not be going. GA is too far away from D.C. and there was no way financially or parentally. I hope it's great and you have an amazing time though. Shout loud for everybody on Oasis who wishes they could be there but can't.