Me, nervous? Nah...

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On Friday, at the end of the school day, I was walking down the hall to my locker when I saw the girl, who I'll refer to as "Crush # 2", was walking in my direction so I see her and immediately look away and turn right to my locker.

Her -----> "Have a good weekend Ashley"
Me ------> Turns head away from locker to look at her, says "You too" and looks away as quickly as humanly possible.

Oh, gawd am I just the most awkward person ever or what? I can't help it she just makes me that way XD I'm a little awkward with most people either way, but girls, that I like, magnify this little trait of mine about 1000000000%

It's like I hate it because, well it's annoying, but at the same time at least I'm feeling something.

As I was leaving the school I just kept smiling and thinking I was a major dweeb. Haha.


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Hey me too!

I'm so awkward around girls its not even funny. XD

<3 FLAME ON! <3

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Im not akward. Im

Im not akward. Im scary/creepy. I envy you.