My darling Sophomore,

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Stop toying with my emotions. You're saying you're straight, now, but no one believes you. We all know you crushed on Senior. Besides, do you really think you can strip girls as hot as Junior down to barely nothing during play-wrestling fights, and then laugh it off like it's nothing? You said I creeped you out, you said my feelings made it awkward. Two days before, you were letting me lie with my head on your chest, playing with my fingers, playing with my hair. I guess you were playing with my heart too. Now the hugs are too short, the glances are too uncomfortable. With Senior, your focus is on her. With Junior, so are your hands. I'm sorry, but you're just not straight. The sooner you figure that out, the better. Maybe we could be happy. Maybe we could be perfect. I know you're scared, scared of me, scared of the school's reaction, scared of yourself. But I'd be there for you, every step of the way, every second. You'd always have someone to turn to, no matter what. You'd have love, you'd have fun. Can't you want that? Don't you want that? Please, Soph. I need you, I need this. Give me a chance, I swear I won't let you down. The days you don't talk to me, I don't talk to anyone. The days you do, I worry about how long it will last.
Far too much yours,


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That's so straight. No, seriously.

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My darling Junior,(i'm copying you btw)

i'd like you to be the star to my light and maybe the happy to my smile. maybe i'm just a little too clingy, but that's how i am with everyone, so don't feel too special. you remind me of my best friend. she was just like you. all anti-social and stuff. alone at lunch and shy. just really shy. now look at what i've made her! she's talking to people and you dont have to put your ear up against her mouth just to barely hear her! i want to transform you too. but i dont want to. i want you all to myself. because i'm a possesive bastard like that. it was the same with the other sophomore. she found herself, so i never stood a chance. Junior, it shattered my heart just a bit to hear you say that, "oh yeah! i totally support you guys!" because it wasn't...all signs point to: you cant be the girl to my friend or the first to my kiss because it just wont be possible. i'm just thankful for the fact that you'd put up with my strange outgoingness and my energy that barely ever fades. i still cant believe my luck. that day i happened to pass you and have to courage to swoop down and grab you. it would have an entire lunch time spent alone, but i didn't like to see you alone. would you leave me alone? i dont want ot sound so...cocky to you. i dont want to be annoying to you. i probably seem too clingy to you. i'm sorry. i'll try to stop. it's kinda hard. you're just too damn cute.
i'd be happy if you were the O to my CD,

ps. i cant help the fact that i'm so affectionate with everyone. if i had a girl to my friend then i'd direct all my affection to her. you. someone?

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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"i'd be happy if you were

"i'd be happy if you were the O to my CD"
That's so CUTE! I might have to use that sometime.

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:) thanks

just be sure to credit me? kthxbye

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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wow, freshmans have everyone on pins and needles. i feel like going going to war to get this one.

Life is easily complicated.