Oh no!

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Today, my 3 1/2 foot tall Lego Eiffel Tower fell off my dresser. It was pretty epic to watch, actually, as I was jumping out of the way. This thing is MASSIVE, like 3500 pieces. my whole room is a big mess of Eiffel Tower pieces. It flipped in the air so that it landed with the top pointing towards the dresser, so ALMOST a full flip. I've never seen an Eiffel Tower do that before, personally.

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Could it have been a frisky ferret?

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Thats one talented eiffel

Thats one talented eiffel tower!

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You should go on the road with that. You could make millions!

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oh no.

thanks for the visual. im so sorry bout your huge/lil eiffel.

Life is easily complicated.

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It's ok

Yeah, the plus side is that it's like getting a new lego set. Because when you get one, you build it, then you stare at it every day and just want to step on it.

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