okay day

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I had an okay day, considering I have unlucky Tuesdays.

Went to Darkroom Photography, got lost on the way AGAIN, I took the turn to soon. Got invited to the end of class/quarter lunch the week immediately after the class ends. =)

I went by my sister's on the way home, ate lunch at her house. Ran some errands with her. We went by this beauty/make-up products store and I looked at all the cool hair dye colors. Red Wine. Violet. Plum. Turquoise. I want to get artificially colored highlights in my hair. I've wanted to try it for a while, but not permanently dye it. I'm thinking purple or maybe deep red. I have dark, dark brown hair, sometimes mistaken for black, and it has a slight auburn tinge in light, reddish highlights in the sun.

I watched A Home at the End of the World on DVR. I liked it! It was sweet, and it played on Logo. One of the main characters was gay and his best friend was very open, affectionate, and straight (well he appeared to be and acted, but didn't seem worried about it one way or the other).

Took a nap. =) I think I might sleep a few hours tonight and get up around 3-4am to go down the street to watch the Orionid Meteor shower. It will be freezing though.


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You are not gonna go down the street at 3am by urself, are you?
Highlights are awesome =)

Happiness is an attitude.

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it's the suburbs. Not the gritty inner city streets in a notorious crime-ridden gang filled area. Just suburbs. When I say down the street, I mean down the road/hill to the lake. I went at 4am actually, but my brother decided to go with me. We didn't stay long. I only saw 1 meteor. =( I guess we should have gone around 5:30-6am.

Yeah I know! Whenever I mention highlights to my mom her eyes get wide and her eyebrows raise up, lol. I was planning on getting some after high school/in college. But the other day it occurred to me that my parents couldn't object if I did it once I turn 18, in February. =)