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I don't really know what to say. I'm a little flabbergasted and disappointed. I asked my mom if I could join Amnesty International, which I've wanted to do forever. And now activism and human rights are becoming even more important to me, I think I want to maybe even go into a career for it. But regardless, I see it as always being important to me, no matter what way I am involved in it.

She asked my dad. He said something about needing to makes sure it wasn't some left wing organization with another motive. WTF?!? I mean, it's AMNESTY International, a human rights organization. I don't get does that come into his mind? They want more information about it.

I just feel profoundly disappointed in my parents. This is something VERY important to me, and they know I've expressed interest in human rights before. I don't know what to do. I mean I'm 17 and a half, if they don't allow me to make my own decisions now about things like humanitarian causes membership, what's going to happen when I'm out of high school? I've always been afraid of 'this' when it comes to my parents. My dad is used to having all the control and doesn't like differing opinions. I just don't know what I'm supposed to do or say.


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Some left wing organization...

Hahaa your dad is funny... You should totally go for the AI membership! Maybe you can bribe him into agreeing it? O.o

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I don't think he meant to be funny. And bribery is deffinitely out. But I want to join anyway.

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None of this makes sense to me...

Why do you need them to approve of you doing this? Just donate. Done.

Also, once you're 18, who cares what they think about your decisions? Again, not your concern.

Sounds like you need to cut the cord too here. You seem to want them onboard, when you can do all of these things with or without them.

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Well it doesn't really make sense to me either and I'm used to my dad acting this way. I would go ahead and join, but you have to make a donation and I don't have enough for even the smallest amount at the moment. I asked my mom simply because the form is filled out online and payed for online, and I don't have a credit or debit card. Also I was going to see about sending in the money when I had it, but membership included the magazine subscription, so they would see the magazine in the mail and then know I went behind their backs. I don't have time to steak-out the mail everyday, lol.

About turning 18, well yeah they don't have to approve of my decisions, which I have hinted at, but I would still be living under their roof. And then there's college tuition. Though honestly I don't see college money as a big enough reason to compromise myself and my beliefs just for the sake of them paying for my education, but I don't have very many options.

As for cutting the cord. I have made several attempts and steps in that direction. I'm actually very independent. But you don't know what my parents or family is like, the dynamic, the history. Of course I want them to support me, but I could care less if my father likes what I think or do. However you don't know how complicated the situation is. There are many precarious factors in my family and I try to avoid from causing them to implode. My family is important to me and I have only a small number of friends, I can't afford to be recklessly defiant. To a degree what you suggest would be almost childish behavior for me, a step backwards, and I think things through. I very much want my independence, but I have to ease my parents into letting go. Thanks for commenting, I guess I shouldn't have really bothered posting, it's so hard for people to actually understand what it's like in my family. Anyway, thanks and sorry for the long response.

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I hope you succeed... I can

I hope you succeed... I can also say I know quite a bit of how you feel.

In theory my parents support my efforts to become a part of a human rights organization, but the HRC and other types of things are out of the question.

Good luck, darling. You'll need it.
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