Secret names!!! and cheese theives, and the spies!

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I've decided to not get any more "new" nicknames. I already have like 4 thanks to the "Anti-cheese-thieves" group. one thing they thought would be really funny is to call me and 5 other friends sykes "because there's 5 letters in it". that's basically how i got this nickname :-\

so about their naming 'fetish'... i should really make a chart of some sort :D
I tink I'll start w/ my screenname... it's based on a lot of things. 1 friend likes the show Psych (me), 1 friend actually was given the name 1st, 1 friend has like ocd about "psyching people out", 1 friend used to be know as "the psychopath" but it was changed for obvious reasons... and the last one is b/c his name starts with h b/c he was the last to be added.

Yeah I know it's super dumb, but each letter is the 1st letter of a part of the person's name (1st, mid, or last) and it's in the order that we were given it. I still have no Idea what KJ's middle name is. IT STARTS WITH A FRIGGIN' Y!!! He won't tell anybody either, but it's his actual name b/c it's on his birth certificate and his licence and stuffs.

So there's my random story of nicknames... what's yours?


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My nickname is...

Cause my name is Carrie, remove the second r and ie. Add a hyphen and spell rye like the bread.
Its my softball nickname.

I have a question.
What does it take to become a member of the "anti-cheese-thieves" group? :)
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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I don't even know lol. I

I don't even know lol. I think you're "invited" into it :)
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everyone calls me kimi/kimmi/kimee/kimmy/kim
not very but one of my friends used to call me usagi
it was kinda my pen name/what a bunch of friends thought what
animal i remind them of...oh and usagi means rabbit in japanese

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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Hmmm... most of my

Hmmm... most of my friends/acquaintances use my first name or a variation. Thus, I am J, John, Joooooooooan, Hoo-Ann, Juanch, Ju (pronounced like 'who'), Jan and Juani. That's boring.

My best friends call me either C or Tone or W. C because I love the Country Club (raaaaandom nickname), Tone because well...hmmm...there was this guy, Tony, and I sort of had a huge crush, and hmmmmmm... yah, never mind, it's awkward -and there's tonic water in nit as well. W's a secret.

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