so last night...

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i walked over to Blue's place and after i got there i called her
so that she'd go outside(i typed in 'come out' but the would have
been taken the wrong
so when she got outside i hung up, but even then she
when she saw me she still had the phone to her ear..:)
we talked for a couple mins before i remembered about the food thing
and asked her if she finished, she didn't.
she only had a few bites left...:p as she was going inside i asked her if
i could go inside with her because the garden gnomes behind the rocks
were going to eat we went in and as she finished her food
i explored her books...
after finishing her food i was introduced to her stuffed animals
and then we talked about how much of a camera whore the US is
in the atlas...and then my bestie rang up on my phone
so we talked to her for a couple mins after i told her that her position
of bestie was taken by Blue's dog who sounds like Blue when it speaks :)
after my bestie randomly hung up on because of her mother we talke
about the US being a camera whore again and about the school clubs
it was abou time for me to go and get home before my dad get home
so i tried leaving with the dog and her jacket(one with bunny ears on it)
but obviously she wouldn't let me so i made her a deal
if she walked with me to the end of school property then i'd give it back
so away we went and when we reached the corner i was really reluctant
to go so i just kept the dog with me...she was very
we "bickered" a little, like a dicorced couple, about the dog... lol
joked about how the dog was her baby
but it was actually mine so it ened up that the dog is one of our many
children :) i get to call her wifey now and i told her about my other 3
"lovers" and of the other cihldren that we have
our children: Voltaire-husky dog
Gizmo- Gremlin
frog(i forgot his name D:)
Balthazar Jethro Gordon- icy bat
Freud Pablo Fabio Raul Sanchez Fillmore Eggbert The Duck
and last but not least
Isosceles Aristole Plato Socrates- dog, the one i tried to kidnap
but then i remember that Freud was actually the illegitemet child of
one of me lovers....appearently this is a rerun of what had happened
at her old school...i suppose all schools have their own network of
lovers and wifeys and stuffs lol do i post a pic on here? you amazing tech savvies! tell meeee!
so that i may show you the amazing Blue!


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so does this mean u r on cloud nine? lol

Life is easily complicated.

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haha more like

on cloud 15! :D so haaaaaappppppyyyyyy! <3

That's so straight. No, seriously.