so...naked guy

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Did I catch your attention Oasis buddies? =) Lol, I took a 7 hour figure drawing workshop today downtown at the art college. It was figure drawing of a nude yeah.

I didn't know if the model was going to be clothed or nude, the sign-up thing online didn't specify. But I had a feeling that it was a traditional workshop, it was at an art school.

So it was the male nude model, the oriental female teacher, two women, another 12th grade girl, and me for 7 hours of figure drawing. It was a little weird, but really not a big deal. I'm glad I did it, I wish I had been able to take the Figure Drawing class this summer, because today was the first instruction in it I've ever had and I actually learned some helpful things.

The model was quite a character. He zoomed into the studio in a hurry, I didn't know who he was, he was carrying a bunch of stuff and had one of those hiking frame backpacks. He had personality. His hair was long, red, and curly. He was a good model, I guess he done many times before.

I also watched 'The Village' tonight on OnDemand. I like M. Night S.'s films. I can't spell his last name. He directed 'Signs' and the other movie whose title I can't remember, with Haley Joel Osmen. It wasn't what I expected, put I appreciated that, I like to be surprised.


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i love it.

art. i love art but hate creating it. but nude sketching sounds inneresting the human body has

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Hahaa Nice!

That's awesome! Count me in when they have female models! XD

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