Spashley - Spencer = Ashley

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I just found out that the girl that played Ashley on South Of Nowhere is going to play a lesbian on 90210! For at least an episode anyways. She's going to play Rumor Willis's ex-girlfriend. Yippee!!! I personally find 90210 fairly hard to watch because many of the characters have this ugly backstabbing side to them and plus they turned my favourite character, Silver, into this big whiner over Dixon. Lame. But I have been watching the second season on the weekends because, well honestly, there's nothing else on. So, at least her appearing on it, and as a lesbian, means it wasn't all a waste :]

Now, if only they'd get Ella on Melrose Place back to actually being with the ladies, I'd be a happy camper :)


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If only they have her and

If only they have her and Silver get together. That would be awesome! Now I have a reason to watch the show again...

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You have no idea how happy I'd be if they did that :D