state fair and the universe being kind

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Went to the state fair today with my friend A. We ran into my old childhood friend W and two of his school friends. It was great seeing him, if only for about 45 minutes, I NEVER see him, and he's very hard to reach by phone. But I can drive now, so I just have to find the free time to go see him! =)

A and I made the mistake of going on the Pirate ship AGAIN. And THEN going on the Cyclone or Cyclops again immediately after. It was great until the landing. A threw up and I was really nauseous, which was okay until I got very carsick on the way home. But it was a fun day.

I got a reply from the PFLAG chapter, they meet again on the 25th. Also got an e-mail from this woman who e-mailed me back saying she and her partner are working with the queer youth center downtown to start a chapter in my area starting the first of the year twice a month! She said she hopes I can visit PFLAG and they would like to meet me. I'm so excited and nervous. It seems like the universe really likes me today, except for the nausea, lol. I'm pretty set in going now, but a little freaked out. This is a big step, you know? I've also been seriously thinking about talking to my sister. I want to, but I don't know how to tell if I'm ready to. I wish she just knew, and that she would go to PFLAG with me, she's the only family member I could ever consider asking. Has anyone here told a sibling first? How did it go? Advice?