Sweet, sweet revenge

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There was a dance last night. SO much fun. I grinded with all the dorky freshmen boys who can't dance. AND. I grinded. With the boy. Sophomore says she likes. Twice. Revenge is sooo sweet.

I also danced with Junior a bit, which was fun. She's an amazing dancer. And before the dance, Blondie (A sophomore, and a good friend of Sophomore's) tied me down and covered my face in makeup, and then made me wear one of her shirts. I actually looked pretty decent. Slutty, but decent.

And today's a holiday, so I'm just going to hang out, do nothing, maybe try to work things out with E, whatever.

I've decided that life is going to be okay. All the ups and downs are too much, and the downs aren't worth it.


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:) that's good

but how can you look slutty but decent at the same time XD


That's so straight. No, seriously.

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i love dancing.

very good question, lamb. but what holiday was it??

Life is easily complicated.