That's What She Said!

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"it won't fit!"
XD that's what my crush said...
and i was all like*grin* "that's what she said!"
and we both doubled over in laughter...
it was one of those silent ones though...
where your face turns red and no sound comes out
and several times after that she would say
something that was a 'that's what she said' joke
"i cant win with you!" bahahaha >:D

much to your dissapointment lacking_direction, i didn't ask her
what her sexual preference is...there are always too many ppl around :/

buuuuut! i did get her number...sneaky ninja style...haha
which resulted in the string of 'that's what she said's...haha

also it's comforting to know that she also thinks that
jennifer love hewitt is hot...:D
i'm really hoping she's bi or something other than straight...

oh! and after school we were just hanging out for a couple mins before going home (she being right across the street from the school and me having to wait for the ppl i walk with)
and i saw a flower...
me: ooh! flower! :D
her: ooh! let's smell it! *grabs and smells it*
me: *does the same* these smell really good! i think there are ones like this but smaller!
her: yeah...*pollen on nose*
me: XD hahahaha *points to her nose*
her: hahahah*point to my nose* gah, this is making my eyes watery...
me: *wipes pollen off nose* *big smile*
her: *semi-big smile*
me: haha *wipes missed spot off her nose*
me and her: *laughing with stupid smiles on our faces*

wow...after reading this...i feel like this is incredibly lame...:p
oh well...i had fun :/
and a shout out to WALDO! *hides from the inflatable sword*

cant wait for more weird adventures with her...(btw i'm going to refer to her as...Blue...yeah :D cz her eyes are a light icey blue...)


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not lame, incrediable funny. and cute. lol
Life is easily complicated.

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lol you don't have to flat

lol you don't have to flat out ask. Buuut wiping something off her face without her freaking out is good :)