To sum up how boring my life is...

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To sum up how boring my life is, today, I went to school, swam, taught adorable 4 year olds to swim, homework, then bed. Yesterday, school, swimming, homework, bed. Tommorow, school, swimming, homework, bed. It's not that it's INCREDIBLY boring, but it is repititious.


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wellll sir

at least swimmiing is fun :)

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It is the only thing that gives my life any meaning.

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To Me... Your Life Sounds Idyllic

Maybe the only thing missing is time spent with friends and family.

Life may seem repetitious and boring (especially for a talented teenager who's anxious to move forward faster than nature has designed).

That you especially enjoy one aspect of your boring daily routine (swimming), is very much to your credit! Isn't it a great feeling when you see how much the kids value your help?

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You taught 4 year olds to

You taught 4 year olds to swim! thats awesome!

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soo not intense.

thats intense. not really. but if u want to break away from the repittion. do something u normally wouldnt do.

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