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i went to the library with Blue and we tried to do bio homework
we were there for about five minutes and someone comes up to us
and says the library will be closed in ten mins...-_-'
so instead we head to the cafe across the street from it and just try to
do the bio hw turns out that we needed the bio book...9_9
so instead i try to study for the french test...then i show her the pieces
we're doing in choir...then my granma calls for a 15 min convo about
nothing then Blue and i resume to talk about random things...

so lets jump to tonight
i called her after i got home from an outing with granny and aunty(bleh)
and tell her that the only meat i had was two pieces of shirmp and she
was all happy(she's vegeterian) and proceeded to talk about dead bugs
yeah, se saw some cockaroach scamper past and half a grasshopper...
then she tells me she left her food on the stove and prays that it
doesn't burn...i think she could have just told me that she would have to
call me back later or do you think, oasis?

why would she leave her food unattened on the stove to go outside to
answer my call? (she doesn't get reception in her apt.)


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sounds promising! =) and

sounds promising! =)
and kudos to her for being veg XD
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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lemme think...

becuase she wanted to talk to u. id burn food to talk to u. lol. u can always recook the food but u cant recreate a mood.

Life is easily complicated.