Umm....teacher dream? Wtf?

ShowMeLove's picture, I had a dream where I was flirting with one of my college teachers. LOL. And she was flirting back ;) Ummmm...this has NEVER happened to me. I've never had a crush on a teacher before. Until now I guess....although I'm not sure if it is a crush. OR if my mind just wants a crush so it's picking the woman that I've had the most interaction with lately. Weird. Put your hand up if you've had a crush on a teacher!

BTW, she's not like 50 or anything. From my guesstamation she's only like 5-10 years older than me. I don't think she's over 30. lol.

Gawd, I'm badd. lol.


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All of my the teachers at my

All of my the teachers at my high school are relatively old. The youngest in almost 30? And well, I'm not attracted to 30 year olds.

So, to answer your question: Nope. Never.

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But there's the difference, you're still in high school so it could change once you're in college ;)

I never imagined I'd have a crush on a teacher. I never desired to have one but bing bang boom it happened. But she's not that old so that's the reason the crush exists. If she were 40 or 50 it would be a different story.

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I didn't have any crushes on

I didn't have any crushes on teachers (didn't figure out I was gay until college though), but I did have a dream about my favorite high school teacher last week. I went back to be like her aide and I became the teacher representative for the gsa somehow. Anyway, she was so coming on to me and said "I didn't know you were gay back then and now we're both adults...". It was strange...

But 5-10 years? That's not bad. I wouldn't think it's odd at all. I'd just be mad it's a teacher/student relationship---could be trouble.

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lol at your dream

And yeah, I'm sure nothing will happen with this. It's just a fixation/fantasy/something my minds cooped up. She's no doubt straight anyways. It'll just make me UBER awkward anytime I talk to her, lol.

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I have. XD Long

I have. XD Long story.

It's okay.. at the moment, I'm erm.. attracted to someone 15 years older than me.. though she acts and looks younger. =S And she's gay.. which.. I'm not even gonna THINK there's hope.. but.. yeah.. Nevermind.

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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At least I'm not alone, lol.

My teacher is the same way. She totally acts younger than what she probably is. She laughs A LOT in class which I find amusing....and cute.

Was your crush a HS or college teacher?

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Hey, at least you're not

Hey, at least you're not this one kid I know. He had a godawful nightmare in which his 70-year-old, insane history teacher gave him a blowjob. After he told me, I was scarred for LIFE.

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LMFAO XD Sorry, but I find

Sorry, but I find that really funny!

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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Damn double posts... ugh.

Damn double posts... ugh.

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It was super hilarious! I

It was super hilarious! I felt kinda bad for him, though. XD

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HAHA, that is funny. But I

HAHA, that is funny. But I bet to him it was really, REALLY disturbing. I'm not sure if I could face a teacher again if I had a dream like that about them. lol.

Thankfully mine was one about a teacher that I had already started to question my attraction towards. So, it wasn't creepy.

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I'm just imaging getting a

I'm just imaging getting a beej from this retired teacher I had in middle school... IT'S NOT PLEASANT >.<

He's like this 65 year old man? He walks with a limp, because he has huge leg problems. And his hair is REALLY unkempt and not taken care of at all. And when he got angry it was HILARIOUS! He would tuck his thumbs into his armpits, as to make himself look like a rooster or chicken (he didn't do it consciously), strut around the room (again not consciously) and yell at us. But all we could do is laugh at him, because he looked like a chicken. So he'd get red in the face and angrier. It was even funnier when he wore his magenta shirt, because how do you take somebody that's wearing magenta seriously? I mean, come on! It's a very nice color, but it's just not one of those, "I can be seriously angry when wearing this color" type of color.

Thank-god that man is retired so I don't have to face him.