Unspoken words

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I saw this topic on QYN, and had to start it here.

I'll go first, shall I?

Did you honestly think I would accept being second best?
I look a bit like her, thats what you said.
I just smiled abut secretly wanted to wipe the smug expession off your face.
Yes, I saw the pictures, and how crazily in love you were with her.
She completely rejected you, so a day later you approached me, the back-up.

You really don't understand how much that hurt me.

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You r more selfish and opinionated than u think.
Quit acting like u do stuff around the house.
I CAN drive i do it all the time behind yalls back.
Yes, i fully understand and accept the fact that im going to hell for a happy life.
Yes, i like u but u r with him.
I wish u put me before others.
Im sick of listening to u complain bout him, who does the same thing every time.
He will eventually cheat on u.
He is flirting with other girls behind ur back.

Life is easily complicated.

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=o I like this idea. Wasn't

=o I like this idea. Wasn't there something on here that was like this? I think there was. Oh well.

I like you.. but I don't know if I like you enough to tell you.
But I think you're completely adorable and I could see myself being with you.. for a long time.
I can't wait to show you who I am.
I dreamt about you. It was a nice dream. But then I woke up..
and I love your hair. >.<

I wish you wouldn't drink or smoke.
I wish you would take care of yourself.
I can't wait to tell you who I really am on the inside.

You need to do something that doesn't involve sitting on your ass and bossing everyone else around.

I cry when I think about how short of a time I have left with you on this earth. I will miss you forever. I love you forever and ever. You are my rolemodel, the one person I can count on to teach me everything I need to know about life and love and finding happiness. I hope you can accept me for who I am, not on who I love, though. (I'm starting to cry now..)

I never truly loved you, and I never will. I don't even like guys anymore. So suck it the fuck up and get over it. I don't like you. You annoy me. And you're dumb. So shut up.

You're my friend, but you annoy the HELL out of me. Stop acting like a fucking tard and grow up. You're rude and impolite, and I hate hanging out with you because of that.

You're my best friend... but girl, I wish we were more sometimes. I think that's my need for a relationship talking, though. I miss you. I will see you in a couple of days. =]

You need to figure things out, girl! Figure out where you're headed in life. You think you're destined for big things, well, prove it to the world. Don't give up, don't back down. Show 'em what you got. "Be the change you wish to see in the world." You want to change things? Change yourself first. Get a job.. work through college. Earn the lifestyle you want to live. Volunteer your time, be a good person. Don't sit around doing nothing like you've been doing for the last 18 years. Be mature. Don't fuck your life up. Don't follow in your mother's footsteps! (That's to myself. =])

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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U!!! have alot unsaid. glad u got it out.

Life is easily complicated.

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I tend to hold a lot in... I

I tend to hold a lot in... I might seem open, but idk.. I keep most of my emotions inside. When I write about it, though, it makes me feel a lot better. I need to start my morning pages again, I think... =/

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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It was "Things you wanted to say out loud today"

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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Thank you! I couldn't think

Thank you! I couldn't think of the name for it for anything.
[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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Repressed words

I have a lot of repressed words, things I wanted to say, but never said. This wasn't all today though, this is collectively from the last month...

To my dad...You joke about everything and everyone. You judge and judge without a second thought. I want to tell you to stop and think about someone else's feelings for once, just because they don't know doesn't make it right, and it doesn't matter how serious or immature your joking is. I had a dream a while ago that I had a gf, we were laughing and happy as can be, and you saw us pass you by, and you were smiling and waving, and it was okay. Why can't you just accept people?

To my best friend...I sometimes wonder if you are my best friend. Am I yours? I'm always the one who makes the effort, the one who reaches out. I know you're busy, but you could call or send a quick e-mail once in a while. And you know I think you're great, but you need to gain a little more maturity.

To my sister...I love you more than anything. I think you know me better than anyone most of the time. But you don't. You don't know everything that's been going on with me. You're a little bit of a drama queen, though you'll deny it, but it's endearing. So you're always stressing or talking a mile a minute. I feel like I'm in a cerebral and verbal marathon when I talk to you sometimes, it's just so hard to get a word in, much less the many words I have to tell you. You treat me like a little kid sometimes still, it's more in your wording or the 'I know better than you' look. I'll always be your little sister, but I'm not a little kid and I haven't been for a while now. I'm mature and responsible, people always assume I'm a few years older than I am, which you know. At this point I am 'in the club' so to speak, yes I am young and inexperienced in many things. But I'm older on the inside than you can imagine. I've gone through and am going through internal struggles that were never and will never trouble you. Just let me be me, please.

To my sister's good friend...First off you're a great guy. You're a total goofball and slightly immature, but still great and sweet. I'm glad your my sister's friend. And that night after my sister's wedding was over, when we were up late and talked, you'll never know how much that meant to me. It was nothing profound that we talked about. But the simple act of talking to you was a comfort. I was feeling especially isolated among you and all of her other friends who were around for the wedding, because I've never had that before. Great friendships like she has with you and others. So when you talked to me and hung out with me it meant a lot to me, because it's been so long since I had that kind of human connection with someone, and it felt real, not forced. And when you asked me if I had a bf, I felt this powerful urge to tell you I'd never had a bf OR a gf, and that I was waiting for the right person. I felt it would be okay to tell you, but I was too afraid, like I always am. I wish you were my friend, and I hope you will be someday. And I wish my friends were more like you. And thank you for just being you and being there.

-Sorry I wrote so much guys. I've just been thinking about all of this a lot lately. Needed to get my thoughts out...

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oh boy...

so i'm still in a phase right? and i'm scared that if i realize i'm not really gay or bi then i'd just pretend, right? wrong. i'm not like that. if i ever do realize that it was just a phase i'll admit it. i may live a lie but i wont live this lie.

so...make this clear to me...are you straight? because...if you are...there's another to my list of unrequitted's! thanks for playing the mess with my heart game! send in more why dont you!

stop! just stop! stop cutting stop taking e just stop i dont care if it's once in a while just stop stop saying you're emo stop cutting stop cutting stop cutting i dont care if it's just scratches stop stop stop stop it now

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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i wish you won't do that to yourself. i know that i should keep trying to get you not to, but i care too much about you. i know it doesn't make sense, but if i didn't love you so much, i wouldn't let you talk me out of helping you. you tricked me into thinking that you'd be okay, and even though i know that, i can't bring myself to do something.
today was one of the most emotional, confusing, and wonderful days of my life because of you..
i've never been as close and comfortable to someone as i am with you, and it's because of something that hurts me too much to tell anyone about. all i want to do is protect you from harm, but you told me last night something that prevents me from that. i don't want you to make the same mistake i did. even if i barely did it - i still did it. i still hate myself.
why can't you just stick to rubberbands? i told you that because i didn't want you to have scars. but then you tell me you can't because rubberbands don't leave scars.
and you told me you couldn't - and that you hated yourself for not being able to. i wish i could have stopped myself like that...
i'm horrified you aren't going to keep your promise and not call me when it comes, but i'm not sure that i want to be on the phone with you when you do that. i don't know if i could take it.
i promise, i'll stop - for good - if you promise not to start.
but i don't know...
there's so much more i want to tell you.
& i know i didn't exactly say it last night, but i love you. honestly. and that scares the shit out of me.

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Nono... keep your arm around

Nono... keep your arm around my shoulder. Really... I won't mind... in fact, you should make it a habit to keep it there. And it should suddenly seem completely normal for me to put my arm around you whenever I feel like it. Yeah... that'd be good. Really good. Actually... maybe throw in the occasional kiss on the cheek or someodd? Yeah. That'd be perfect. :D

"Assets, assets..."

"Well I've got a banana, and in a pinch you could put up some shelves..."

Torchwood is my second love. John Barrowman is amazingly gorgeous...

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I love you so much. Why

I love you so much. Why can't you see that? Why can't it be like a movie where, out of the blue, we look at each other and kiss? Why'd you have to fall for him? I've been getting up the courage to tell you how I feel and then you crushed it. And I'm too polite to go after you now that you're taken. But--choose me. Please. You don't know how long and how much I've loved you. I don't know what I'd do if I gave up on that. Why can't you realize that we're more that perfect friends?--We're a perfect match. Please, tell me you love me as much as I love you.
Two wrongs don't make a right but three lefts do!

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oh please

let it rain everyday if you'd be this happy and smilely and affectionate
because i like it when we walk arm in arm with you
just you and being all happy and smilely
i really like it...m'aime-vous?
parce-que je t'aime

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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awe. the part in french is

the part in french is so cute...

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That's so straight. No, seriously.

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I don't mean to be a sour

I don't mean to be a sour puss, but yah forgot a "z" on the "aime".
Otherwise, I love it. Maybe even more than "mon petit chou fleur".

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uhhh move.

SHIT!!! back the fuck off!! its not easy to get over u if u and ur bf r standing over me!!! just move.

Life is easily complicated.

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Why don't you want me any

Why don't you want me any more?

- - - - - - - -
Grow tall sugarcane, eat that soil, drink the rain. But know that they'll chase you if you play their little games. So run, run fast, sugarcane.

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Stop saying..

You know you want this Carrie.
Because I do. I really really do.
So if you could stop asking me that would be great.
Oh and could you please stop using the words "fag" and "gay" in the derogatory sense.
Its getting fucking annoying.
Oh and one more thing.
Stop me from liking you.
<3 FLAME ON! <3

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je ne pense pas...

est-ce que tu es gai?
you probably dont understand
conssidering you're a level lower than me
i want to know
but i'm scared to ask
because i'm scared it'll be an answer i dont like

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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I hate it when you say my

I hate it when you say my head's not hurting when it is. It is my head.
I hate the way your boyfriend laughs. He makes me jealous.
You weren't exactly the worst, you just weren't as hot as I wanted you to be.
You are the shallow one here, darling, I'm just too smart for you.
Sometimes, it feels like you don't like me.
I hesitate.
You thought I was an alcoholic? Think twice, perhaps I was trying to scare you away.
When will my mouth ever stop and think?

" . . . The sun does not shine upon this fair earth to meet frowning eyes, depend upon it." Charles Dickens

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so, i know you're going out

so, i know you're going out drinking tonight...
just, please, don't do anything stupid that i have to hear about on Sunday? i really don't want to hear about whichever guy you did this with, or which girl you were dared to kiss.
because either way, it wasn't me. and that kinda hurts, babe.
... and i'm trying - really hard - to listen to what you said:
"i'll text you later."
yeah. four words have me staring at my fucking phone for hours. like i said, i worry. and recently, it's gotten more and more about you, the more you open up to me.
i have to stop thinking about you. really...

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You are really pissing me

You are really pissing me off and it's making me want to strangle you. Why can't you cease complaining for just a day? Please? Just one? I know that the world is always falling down around your ears, but really?! SUCK IT UP!!!

- - - - - - - -
Grow tall sugarcane, eat that soil, drink the rain. But know that they'll chase you if you play their little games. So run, run fast, sugarcane.

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third post on this about

third post on this about you...
first, i'm really sorry i didn't go to your bonfire. i know you really wanted me to come, but i'm just out of place. and i feel like you haven't gotten that yet.
second, i hear the cops. they sound like they're near your pap's house. i hope to fucking god when you said, "two bottles of vodka!" today in the hall that you didn't mean for tonight. shit. i should have asked you if there was going to be booze...
and third... please, just be safe. if you are drinking.. don't get too drunk. i'd kill him if he did something to you.
and, well.. him being at the bonfire is a big reason why i didn't come. i already told you i didn't like him, even though i never met him.. but i don't. he's too old. too far away. and too much of an immature douche bag for you...

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I have a feeling this will be long..

B, I love you, and you know that. But I don't love you the way you love me. I AM slipping away from you because it's just getting too intense for me to stay with you. I wish our friendship could go back the way it was this past summer... I wish you hadn't developed feelings for me. I would have been perfectly happy concealing mine for you until they disappeared again. Please... please... just... let me go. Don't chase after me when I run from you and my feelings and just... everything. I need to get away from this. I'm sorry that I freak out when I am in a relationship. I'm sorry for everything. I told you on the phone that night that I felt like I was leading you on.... the truth was, I WAS leading you on. I'm a horrible person for doing that. But I liked you and I wanted you to like me. I guess what this is is that "I want to be with you when I can't have you, and I don't want to be with you when I can have you." I'm sorry. I'm sorry. You know I'm not good at showing my emotions. I can't deal with emotions. But I know that I have to, now, to figure things out.
Maybe love just isn't my thing...

You annoy me. You're annoying and a selfish bitch and you think you do everything right when the truth is, YOU DON'T. I HATE that you're my only blood family. I hate the fact that I love you even when you don't deserve it. I hate the fact that I AM the parent and YOU'RE the child most times. I hate that you get me so upset over a simple text or phone call. I hate that you take advantage of EVERYONE in your life. You're a moocher. Get a better fucking job, get a decent life. Clean yourself up, for christsakes.
I don't want to be compared to you for the REST OF MY FUCKING LIFE.

I wish I could just know how I really feel sometimes. I swear there's something wrong with my brain... I can never hold onto my feelings, I can never pinpoint how I'm feeling. I suppose tht's true for everyone, but...... I don't know. I don't know anything for sure anymore. Maybe what I perceive is all wrong. Maybe I'm a fucked up mess. Maybe I'm just a life full of maybe's and I will never know for sure. I need help, that's for sure. With what? I don't know. Maybe mental help.


[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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Why couldn't you just tell

Why couldn't you just tell me the truth. I told you to reject me, and you wouldn't. Don't be a pansy and worry about making me sad, because in all actuality, it isn't that you don't like seeing people sad, but rather, you don't like dealing with sad people. So put yourself aside and man up next time you break someone's heart. Believe me, if you had just told me the entire unadulterated truth, this would have been easier.

Why won't you just let him fucking live his life how he wants. If he would like to piss away his inheritance, that's his right. I mean after all, he isn't spending yours.

You think you fucking understand the world don't you? But Guess what! You're 30, an alcoholic, a pot-head and unemployed. So, what gives you the right to decide that people are naturally unintelligent and thus don't have the right to vote? Your fascist ideals are completely and utterly hypocritical.

Don't bitch about me being grumpy in the morning. The very fact that you bitch about me being grumpy, means that you know I'm grumpy. Know what the solution is? Don't fucking talk to me. Hand me the fucking bagel and don't talk. Give me an hour to wake up, SHEESH!


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You don't understand

and you never did. You don't get it that the only way for me to get over you was to be with you. I know it hurt you but that's because you don't understand. I couldn't be with you anymore, you lack of decision and your games were slowly driving me crazy. I would go for days feeling like I was drowning, suffocating. I couldn't take it anymore so yes I lied, yes I slept with you and then left. I just went ahead and did what you were going to do anyway. What you'd been trying to do for so many years but couldn't manage for whatever reason. I wish you understood and didn't feel so bad about it. I wish I didn't have to leave you alone to deal with yourself. I wish I could have helped you. I wish you could have loved me the way I had loved you. I'm sorry it came to this. I'm sorry this was what it took for me to feel alright again. I'm sorry that this has cost me friendships. I'm sorry that I've wounded you like she did. I'm sorry that she wounded you and that you couldn't get over it. I'm sorry you took it out on me. I'm sorry that I let you. I'm sorry.

I'm so very sorry.

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Your drama is really

Your drama is really confusing me, and you should know that you hurt a lot of people trying to make your life a little bit more interesting. None of them are bad guys, but you act like everything they do is a move against you. I'm sick of it.
Just because he broke up with you doesn't mean he's a bad person.
He's GAY?! (Read my last journal...)
Can I please go to bed now? It's past 11 o'clock and I'm tired.
I'm really jealous of you. I mean really. I wish I was that close to him. You're his best friend and I'm just his date to Sadie's. I'd gladly trade any day.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
I'm sorry.
You're my best friend and I miss you and I love you so much and I never get to see you anymore and I know I should call more and maybe our friendship wouldn't be so frayed but please can we try to fix it?
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

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I don't know what's going

I don't know what's going on. I loved you two. Two of my best friends. I hoped you'd understand. I see that was a mistake now. How could you understand something that i don't even get? I haven't liked a guy in years. That's the truth. I've been head over heels for girls. I still like girls. I'm not lying. But when he happened... everything's different now. I'm scared as fucking hell and i don't know what to do, but i like him. And i'm gonna run with this.
You tell me i lied to you. You tell me i'm confused. You tell me i need to be happy with just friends. You tell me these things and don't listen to my side. Either of you... I never lied. This.. it happened. He happened. Maybe i'm confused. But what girl hasn't seen someone and hoped they like her too? Does that not happen? Guaranteed you've had a crush on someone who wasn't interested in you.
And you won't let me explain myself.
So no i have to ask... though my soul is shattering, two of my best friends falling out of my life like sand in my palm...
is it even worth the fight to try and fix it?
I'm sorry.

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I don't want to be with you.

I don't want to be with you. Being your girlfriend makes me SO much more uncomfortable... you have no idea. I want it to go back to how it was before, with us being just best friends picking on each other all the time... it's not much different now, but the one exception is you talk about our relationship ALL THE TIME. And it's annoying. Ugh.

I think I might have a definite possibility of falling in love with you. You're absolutely adorable and you make the cutest faces EVER. I don't mind the fact that you're a few years older than me, and you're crazy and outgoing. I hope you would be able to accept the fact that I'm not "out there" like you. I admire the fact that you're pansexual. ^.^ But girl, tell me what the hell is going through your mind when you ALWAYS maintain eye contact with me while you're talking at meetings. You rarely look at other people. What's up with that?? Oh god... I'm falling head over heels for you. I want to spend time with you... can I go with you to the drag show on saturday????

[[Love means you can never be apart... <3]]

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I get that you want me to make up with him but I don't really want to. I know it'll kill him if I just disappear but I have to go. WHat he tells you, tells me, and what he does never matches up and I'm sick of it. I know I stabbed him in the back and I feel bad that it hurt him but maybe he'll let me go now. I need him to let me go. I can't do this anymore. I'm getting worse than I ever have been. I'm getting dangerous and I need help. I'm trying to explain to you that there is something wrong with me, that I don't know why I do these things, that I don't know what is wrong with me but you won't listen, you just want me to fix the mess I made and to go back to how things had been. I don't want things to be how they were and I can't have things how they were or something worse than this is going to happen and it really won't be fixable. *sigh* why can't any of you understand?

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You're even more selfish

You're even more selfish than you let on.
You're not the only one who has plans, you know!
You're mean.
Shut the hell up! I don't want to listen to you right now.
I feel like shit and I'm tired and I have so much homework and my life seems so unfair and I could really use a hug.
The only reason you think I'm perfect is because I'm good at concealing my problems. You have no idea how lonely I feel.
"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind." -Dr. Seuss

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fall in love with me? we'd

fall in love with me?
we'd be pretty awesome together. and i think you know that.
*sigh* i know it'll never really happen.
but it was worth asking.
g'night, baby.

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i'm happy with the way

everything is right now
but i want something more
but i dont want it
i'm scared that if i told you things
it would be different
and there would be a chance that
it would be that same as the last
three times
that you'll turn out straight
and my hopes will be dashed
and i'm so happy right now
just spending time with you and
smiling and looking into your eyes
and laughing with you
i'm glad i'm the only person you hang out with
i dont want you to be with anyone else
and i know that's selfish but i try not to be
and tell you to find other friends
you don't want to
but i feel it's not the reason i'm hoping for

i want a girlfriend so badly
i'm so desperate for someone to call mine
that i'd settle for a guy
i dont mind guys
but i'd rather a girl

"each night i ask the stars up above
why must i be a teenager in love?"

That's so straight. No, seriously.

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has it ever occured to you

has it ever occured to you that when you openly spew bigotry at me, that maybe i'm in that group of people that you keep saying are "disgusting"?
that didn't really make sense, but whatever. every time you get offended and disgusted by LGBT people - particularly trans people - it hurts me. because you know that i'm queer, and you know it bothers me, yet you still do it. and i think i might possibly kind of be trans - and your blind hatred of trans people makes it harder for me to figure everything out.
you are my mother, and i want your approval. no matter what.
do you know how depressed i've been these last few years because of how you hurt me?
yeah, that's right, you don't. you didn't even notice that i was slightly upset. and when you'd actually notice, you'd tell me that i was feeling sorry for myself and to get over it. that doesn't help at all.
i thought that you could understand that. you know, seeing as you yourself had issues with the depression.
and you're best friggin friend is gay. usually that would stop someone from being such a homophobe.
but i love you, mom.

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I love you.

Please, tell me you love me, too. Because I truly want to be with you. You are not ugly, you are not undeserving, you're beautiful. You aren't stupid, you're wonderful.

I live to tell you how wonderful you are. I wish so badly that you would listen to me, that you would notice me, that you would care about me! Please, listen to me.

You are wonderful.

"What is life but a constant search for pleasure? I think that the feeling of a young man's tongue inside your mouth is the greatest pleasure of all."
-The Baron Van Oestregan

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Just today's

Stop talking.
Stop talking.
Stop talking.

Why do you trust me? I abandoned you and now I'm back, and the reason I gave you for my return is totally outrageous. And for all that you actually believe me. ...Well, okay, it's true, but it's not all.

Your character description is entirely accurate, my good sir!

Why are you nice to me?

And a few more Stop Talkings, probably.

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Why do you have to drive?

Why do you have to drive? Why can't I drive? I may drive fast, but at least I don't drive slow. And I don't cut corners too sharp and almost go off the road. Oh, and I actually look at the road, not the god damn horse in the field.

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Is it...

Too much to hug me in front of our friends?
Too much to want to brag about you to anyone who will listen?

I want the world to know that I love an amazing girl.

I don't want to hide and be scared.

Whats there to be afraid of?

I hope you kiss me at my locker this morning...


<3 FLAME ON! <3

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An Education

Can't you tell that I smile at you the way Jenny smiles at David?

Or a girl - that was unfair of me.

Oh my GOD!

Actually, do you want to grab a coffee?

Will you come to Prom with me, even though it's six months away?

Foutre cette application pour universite!

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Courtesy of YEARS of your B.S.!

I love DUUUUDE! HA! You F****** loser of a father! I don't care how many years you spent getting high with your firends in VIETNAM while you hid in the base and drank all their homemade liquor! THAt'S RITE! I READ YOUR LETTERS TO HOME YOU GOD D*** PRICK! I HOPE YOU BURN IN HELL WITH THE UNCLE MIKE! You remember him Dad!? You introduced him to that WHORE in his time of need! ANd when she left him for all his money...he shot himself! SO F*** YOU YOU PUNK A** BITCH!

Anyone wanna complain about me!? HUH!? TAKE A SHOT!
*heaves a hard sigh and walks off*

"Don't cry because i'm gone, smile! Because i was here!"

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You hate me because I'm sad

You hate me because I'm sad all the time. Can't you see that you're the problem? And you say you love me. These scars- I didn't make them. You did. You cut my ankle that first night.

I wish you'd stop smoking weed and cigarettes.

Stop being so forceful with me... it doesn't feel right...

I wish you'd love me like you love him. I could be a man for you if that's what you want...

...I'm less intruiging and important than porn? Fuck off.

I'm sorry. I'm sorry, I'm sorry, I'm sorry, please don't leave right now, I need you for just one more minute...
Sometimes I like to sit at night and stare at the lamppost because it's the brightest thing in my life...

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You're a fucking moron.

You're a fucking moron. Simple as that. And you know what? I don't fucking care that you went to Hope college. I don't care that your ancestor served as the only Whig mayor or New York. I don't care that your ancestors were missionaries in the planes states. I just don't fucking care. Stop interweaving your stupid fucking personal life into my US History class. Yea sure, you may think it's interesting, but alas, no else does. Isn't that made clear by the fact that we reference that? Oh, and could you stop making obscure questions and references like "What's my favorite 's' word?". Know what my answer would be? It would be 'shut the fuck up'.

Oh, and can you stop being so homophobic? Seriously, responding to the fact that I straighten my hair with "I don't know about you" just fucking tweaks me. Maybe you should shave off your hitler stash and get shoes that don't look fucking moronic.

If I could, I'd fucking drop your class you jackass.

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A lot like Nanook's, actually

I think I need to leave. You are most pathetic and irritating person I encounter in my day. You don't have real friends, so you try to suck up to the idiots in your class. Get real. They manipulate you so that you pass them. It's just plain depressing to watch a grown man try to get the attention of a bunch of teenage stoners. For Christ's sake, you're not a teenager anymore. So stop quoting The Hangover already. It's telling that you completely ignore whatever remarks me or my friends make, and instead choose to make retard jokes in the corner.

Stop bitching already about your job too. You so blatantly hate your life, and your job, yet you are completely unwilling to do anything about it. Despite what you say, teaching is not a job for those who failed at reaching their goals. It's for those who actually give a damn about their students and their subject matter. Do you have any idea how hard it is to listen to you bitch about your job knowing that my father would kill for any teaching job?

I used to think the worst teachers where those who where only teaching to desperately hang on to their glory days in high school. I was wrong. And I really want to tell you how hard it is to respect you. But I think I'll wait until you put that A+ on my report card.

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your words still hurt me

as someone who should be one of, if not the most important person in my life I just wanted to thank you
I want to thank you for all the ways you tore me apart and made me hate myself and made me the ashamed scared and unsure woman I am today.
I want to thank you for all the words that still effect me today
for making fun of my eyebrows, so now I draw them on
for telling me I was fat until I threw up every time I ate, I'm over that now, no thanks to you, but I still always think I'm fat no matter how many people tell me other wise
for telling me I can't be a lesbian because you wanted grandchildren, you selfish bitch
for hating me when I gave you that grandchild a year later, and telling me I don't deserve her, do you know what it's like to look at your kid and wonder if not leaving her is the right thing for her?

thanks for making me afraid to accept myself as I am, and making me believe I'll never be good enough unless I change who I am.

and in case you didn't know, you're wrong, about everything and when you look at my daughter growing up to be a proud loved person just the way she is you'll see what a mother really is, but I still love you and forgive you.