Urrrggghhhh........ *death rattle*

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I feel like I'm dying.

My chest hurts, I can barely see, my arms and legs lack feeling, and I feel like a burlap sack full of glue.

And my family suddenly hates me because I do "nothing" and I'm constantly "lying" about feeling sick.

Because looking after the house for 2 weeks was nothing, because only making mess in my part of the house and never anywhere else is nothing,
because repeatedly asking to be allowed to cook for myself and purchase my own food is nothing.

I nothing but a burden to them, a burden about to be cast aside. Apparently I'm to be kicked out soon.

To close, a crap poem. (sort of)

I cannot see,
I cannot speak,
I cannot hear,
I cannot feel,
I cannot think,
Burden's don't talk.


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Here you go.

I just gave you a virtual vat of soup.

<3 FLAME ON! <3