Where's the G in BLT?

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I've decided that LGBT is a BLT, but what do you think the G is? (I didn't want to clog the forum with this trivial question.)

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And, the backstory?

You made a bet, lost, and this is your punishment? Just a guess...

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Oh... Now I Get It!

You're commenting (obliquely) on your recent census of Oasis denizens? If so, I think I might concur...

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I don't want to fill this place up with too much of me, because I love you all! So I put it on my journal, where its only mine.

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Im here

At least I think I am here...Im G totally....so does that get mayo on the blt????

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g as in grilled blt? - - - -

g as in grilled blt?

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*thinks* No. Nothing. Can


No. Nothing. Can anyone explain me? Please? *puppy eyes*

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