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I'm wide awake. I was in the car for 7 HOURS today. Ugh. My mom and I had the college debate AGAIN. SHE brought it up. Though we did come to a somewhat compromise, but I still plan on going far far away. Then we talked about my gap year plans. =) She seems more receptive to my ideas about it now.

I have math hw that I've barely worked on due tomorrow afternoon. And I have to take an ACT Math section prep test. I meet with my math tutor tomorrow, but I'm contemplating requesting that we reschedule for Thursday. I randomly found a website that lists Queer events all over the city. So I found this Feminist Bookstore that has a Young Women Writer's Club that meets every other Monday. They meet tomorrow, so if I can get out of math and move it, then I just have to ask my mom. It's perfect, I've been looking for a Writing Club, and it's queer friendly/inclusive, BUT my mom doesn't have to know that, because it's a FEMINIST book store, which means I could get away with it, whereas if I wanted to go to a Queer center, there's no way to explain it without explaining it. So dilemma...what to do?

Oh and now we aren't going out of town this weekend. And this weekend is PRIDE WEEKEND. I don't know how, but I am going to do my damndest to finesse a plan to get downtown this Saturday. I'm afraid to get my hopes up though, but seriously I just know that if I could go it would be one of the best days of my life. There's a Human Rights booth, a youth art presentation, Pride Parade, and a youth entertainment block. It's halloween day, downtown, full of queer people. I want to go SO BAD IT HURTS. Ahh! Crossing my fingers. Praying. Channeling good karma.


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It sounds great! Hope you can finally go. And nah, who cares about math :P

Happiness is an attitude.

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apparently they weren't meeting today because everyone was busy or decided not to go. I talked to the group adviser women on the phone. They don't meet again until mid-November. Math wasn't an issue anyway, my tutor was sick. Why is it everytime I find something, it slips away before I can even get near it?

Yeah, math sucks. I only care as much as I have to in order to score high enough on the ACT Math.