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so latley i feel like im not part of the family well actually my whole life. i feel as if im the odd one out. i cant talk to my mom or dad they just mock me if i try to talk to them about anything serious. the only person i can turn to is my aunt, i cant tell her everything thing since she will probably go and tell my mom. i just wish i was able to start a new life away from them all. i mean I'll miss them i guess since i've been with them my whole life but i dont want to be some where im not loved and somewhere where everyone is ashamed of me. i have even been told by my parents that they are ashamed of me several times. how do i escape?!


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wow . . . maybe they have a

wow . . . maybe they have a reason to be ashamed im pretty stupid. i didnt relize what this page website was exactly for until now well im not gay or a lesbian or bi im straight. . .

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We can be your family! You

We can be your family! You can talk to us!

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it doesn't matter

you can still be here
if you want, type away
and we'll listen
we'll comment and
give you advice
you're welcomed here

Hi, I'm a reading Rainbow! :)

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It's fine. It isn't really just written in huge letters, ONLY JOIN IF YOU ARE L or G or B or T.
We care about you just as much anyway.

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I'm actually quite against having straight people here. -.-

But I'll learn to accept you people too. Just don't hit on me. I know how desperate you people are.

Jesus. I feel mean today.

Those who are united in love know no separation.
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