A conversation with a friend, describing part of my philosophy on Beauty. (WARNING- REALLY LONG)

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Note: this is a part of a conversation, so parts of it may or may not make sense out of context.

me: All humans are selfish, cruel, and passionate creatures.

Mainly the first two.
10:01 PM
dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: i think i'm more passionate and cruel than selfish

now, anyways

i'm passionate about a lot of things
10:02 PM
me: Passion is an unfortunate side affect of humanity. As is Selfishness and Crualty.

10:03 PM
All things human fall from these, except for the exception, which is the Appreciation of Beauty.
10:04 PM
This takes many forms... Appreciation of Physical Beauty being the more sexual aspect of beauty.

Then comes Love...

Which is Beauty in itself.

The Appreciation of Beauty is the exception to the rule of Human Nature.
10:05 PM
dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: you sound so sciency

me: This is coming directly from lectures I give myself in my head.

I have a lot.

I only gave a little bit.
10:06 PM
I even define Appreciation of Beauty in more precise terms... But I'm boring you.

dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: yeah
10:07 PM

you're not

it's interesting

me: Ah.

Should I go on?

dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: sure

me: Okay.
10:08 PM
Man appreciates three types of beauty, which I shall define in more detail in a moment: Pornographic Beauty, Romantic Beauty, and Aesthetic Beauty.
10:11 PM
Pornographic Beauty is the beauty that comes purely from lust. This has no romantic desire in it what-soever. This proceeds ONLY from physical lust. For example, when a man is watching a woman masturbate in order to sexually stimulate himself, this is his apprecitaion of Pornographic Beauty. Or, when a woman passes by a man in a hallway that she finds sexually attractive, but not at all romantically, this, too, is Pornographic Beauty.
10:12 PM
In essence, the appreciation of Pornographic Beauty comes from physical desire and has no true emotional impact.

(Am I boring you yet? Just tell me if I am.)

dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: nope

me: Okay.

On to Romantic Beauty.
10:13 PM
Romantic Beauty can be easily confused with Pornographic Beauty, and Vice-Versa, however they are not the same.
10:14 PM
The primary difference between the two is this: If a man is attracted to a woman who is not physically attractive to him, he may find her attractive nonetheless.
10:15 PM
This attraction, when found towards even the most hideous of people, can cause one to find someone beautiful.

This is Romantic Beauty.

dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: sooo true <3

is that way jonah thought i was beautiful?
10:16 PM
me: No, you are actually physically attractive. To me, you are Aesthetically beautiful, but I'll get into that later.

dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: i aaaaaaam?


me: Romantic Beauty is not always a matter of Physical attraction.
10:17 PM
It can also involve the Mental and Emotional attractions.

And often does.
10:18 PM
The Romantic Beauty in someone may consist in their mind. Whether they be mentally attractive or not, one may find one's self attracted to it as Romantic Beauty.

This is the same for Emotional attractions.
10:19 PM
Romantic Beauty is not always positive, as is Aesthetic Beauty, but nor is it always negative, as is Pornographic Beauty.
10:20 PM
Romantic Beauty can be negative in that one may find one's self attracted to one who is physically, mentally, and emotionally deformed to the point where it is harmful. This is Negative Romantic Attraction.
10:21 PM
Romantic Beauty may, contrariwise, be positive in that one may find one's self attracted to one who is not Physically, Mentally, or Emotionally attractive, however this person may be a good partner based on traits of good nature.
10:22 PM
(This making sense?)

dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: yeah

me: Good.

On to the purest of the Beauties.
10:23 PM
Aesthetic Beauty is the appreciation of physical beauty without any desire what-soever.
10:24 PM
For example, a homosexual male may look upon a female and not feel any lust for them, emotionally or physically, Pornographically or Romantically.


he may find this female to be a beautiful specimen, be it Physically, Mentally, or Emotionally.
10:26 PM
Another example is the True Appreciation of the Arts, meaning, when one appreciates art's beauty for its attributes. (Art being any of the arts, music, paintings, literary arts, etc.)

Aesthetic Beauty is the purest of all Beauties because, with the lack of Lust, there is no ill possible.
10:27 PM
That's all I have on the Three Beauties.



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More on Beauty: Various bits

Note: These, too, are parts of the conversation.

I don't believe it possible for a heterosexual male to look upon a female with Aesthetic Attraction unless it's in the arts, then it is possible. The same with a homosexual male looking upon a male, unless it's in the arts.

Trust me, as a homosexual male, I can appreciate female beauty Aesthetically, therefore purely.
10:37 PM
I'm the best judge you've got.

Especially since I'm honest.

dingle.hopper.dinglehopper: yes you are .___.


me: Ha. True.
10:38 PM
So I can therefore confidently tell you that you are beautiful.
10:39 PM
If you are Aesthetically Beautiful, it therefore follows you have the capability for the other two Beauties to be appreciated in you.

(Because Aesthetic Beauty is the only true beauty, being unmarred by either of the other Impure Beauties)
10:40 PM
The other two affect each other too much. They are both negative or have the potential for negativity.

...you've got a case of Negative Romantic Attraction on your hands... Of course, I don't expect you to see that. /:
[this is included in the post because of the fact that I believe it nigh unto impossible to realize you have Negative Romantic Attraction for someone.]

Those who are united in love know no separation.
-Meher Baba

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I never looked at beauty as

I never looked at beauty as an exception to human nature. Even now, I don't really think it is an exception. Like I said in a prior post, all human nature is attributed to genetics in some way or form. Sure, socialization does take place, but alas, society came to rise due to genetics (society is born of man, man is born of his tri-nucleotide sequences). Thus, socialization is an indirect effect of genetics. However, weak, the connection is still there. As for behavior (hysteria, war, etc.) dominated by the environment (i.e. disease, famine, etc.), the environment simply serves as a trigger. We're predisposed to act to certain triggers in certain ways. These are our instincts.

As for beauty? It's directly related to genetics, especially romantic and pornographic beauty. We are sexual beings by design. An asexual organism's genetic code only changes due to point or shift mutation. However, sexual beings change because of the process of fertilization. Fertilization draws upon two genetic codes, and combines them into one, randomly taking bits and pieces of each code. This breeds into us genetic diversity, and makes accomplishing evolution slightly easier (evolution is simply a tool of genetics). Now, being sexual beings, there needs to be a reason to have sex. Easiest way that nature found? To make it feel good. Hence lust, or as you've described: pornographic beauty.

As for romantic beauty, it can also be explained via the genome, or once again, evolution. After the creation of offspring (children), the procreators shift to become caretakers, or a combination of the two (it's all about carrying on the newest and best genetic code). However, one caretaker per 3 offspring isn't very practical - there's a high chance the offspring will die. There also exists the problem of gathering food and tending to the offspring at the same time. Thus the second partner, who is bound to the other by romantic beauty.

Now, here's a cool part. Homosexuals serve just as important of a genetic function as the procreator. If there exists individuals who can't procreate, such as homosexuals, then this means they serve as untied caretakers. If there's 2 individuals taking care of three offspring, that means 40% of the individuals aren't fending for themselves. However, if you add two homosexuals into the mix, then that means it's 4 individuals taking care of three offspring, so now 57% of the individuals are fending for themselves. This of course means there's a better chance for survival.

As for aesthetic beauty, that's more of a new age thing in terms of human history. I think it would be easiest to say it's mostly a product of human socialization, and thus loosely tied to codons. Not much to explain there.

And as my end note:
Love, my friends, may conquer all. However, the only reason it may is, because it resonates so deep within us, at such a fundamental level. Love, in all actuality, and all simplicity, is a neural reaction like no other.

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I disagree.

I don't believe that genetics is the sole cause of human nature, but I won't argue. I'm too tired for that.

Those who are united in love know no separation.
-Meher Baba