A Different Animal

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If it weren't for my mother's mishegoss, there is little doubt in my mind that I would have been ready to come out at around nineteen or twenty. I knew I liked men but after awhile i somehow convinced myself that I liked women too. Truth is, the only thing that I found interesting about getting intimate with a member of the opposite sex was that it was so radically different from anything i had ever thought about before. I was comfortable with guys but I told myself that I had to be comfortable with women too. Didn't happen. I like guys. Its not so much that I am disinterested in women, Women are great
( most of the time). It's that I'm disinterested in heterosexuality.
I have no interest or desire in being a rabbit.


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I completely understand. At

I completely understand. At least the part about thinking maybe it would be interesting because its so different from anything you've really thought about. I started sort of seeing a guy for a while, but shortly after realized it wasn't something I was actually interested in. I hate how confusing things can get. But good for you for being super strong in who you are now.

"If you never asked who I am, how can you assume you know me?"