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Contemplating checking out the Gay & Lesbian group on campus. I've matured alot both spiritually and emotionally so it is unlikely that I will have an anxiety attack at the very thought of going, like when i was 17......

Has anybody read, Oranges Are Not The Only Fruit by Jeanette Winterston?


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The answer is yes.

I haven't but as I've heard reference to it constantly around here, I'm gonna say yeah.

"What is life but a constant search for pleasure? I think that the feeling of a young man's tongue inside your mouth is the greatest pleasure of all."
-The Baron Van Oestregan

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Yes, several times. I reread

Yes, several times. I reread it a couple of weeks ago and was suprised at how much I still liked it. I read 'Lighthousekeeping' the other day and enjoyed it, as well as few of her other books.

I do have quite a high tolerence for magical realism though.