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On my site I just posted a blog about how in Washington D.C. the Catholic Church has proclaimed that if same-sex marriage becomes legal they will stop serving the District, which would include the large homeless population and children. This is crazy to think that in order to gain political means the church would turn away those who rely on it so heavily. I guess that is reality. Makes me wonder if the Church ever cared in the first place. Of course legalizing same-sex marriage in D.C. would not entitle the Catholic Church to perform gay marriage ceremonies, it would just mean that would have to understand and accept that within the District it is legal. Nothing more, nothing less.

Just makes me angry to think the Catholic Church can step in and say hey you do that we'll do this. They know this will get voters attention! Just a rant of mine is all!



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Good to show how hypocritical they are... not that it's any shock.

They're just freaking out as people stop caring about church in general. That's why the religious right is becoming more powerful, they're a smaller group making more noise who are even more devout than the masses that are fleeing their ranks.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis

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Well said- not a shock at

Well said- not a shock at all! They are screaming for not only attention but the same thing they've been screaming for years...they still think their way is the correct way for all!


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Wrong. that is just horrid. i mean that is worse in moral...ugh!!

Life is easily complicated.

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my mother and grandfather are preachers. and they werent to happy when they found out i am bisexual, i am familure with the whole religeous outlook on life. i believe that God loves everyone equally and just because i like girls doesnt mean that i am going to hell. for the catholic church to turn away people isnt an act of God it is selfishness. they should be ashamed of themselves. God said "a new comandment i proffess unto you that you love one another." sorry for those who do not believe in the bible i dont mean to push my belief onto anyone but seriously What would the pope say??

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Good Point

I appreciate your point of view. I think it is an act of selfishness. So many people who do not have any gay ties depend so much on the Church for means of survival. If the Church made the choice to turn its back on people, in the end the ones who would suffer for years to come would be the Church. Hopefully they gain their senses and do what is right by mankind.