Buddies versus Friends

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So, now I finally learn why it is important that one never forget to distinguish between who their true friends are, and which people are just "buddies" .
Alot of this is my own fault, I would go to him with things, but then not really listen to anything that he had to say. My bad.
All in all, this just proves that smiegal was never much of a friend to begin with. Friends don't string eachother along. From the getgo Smiegal could've just said to me " Look man, I can't help you with this, this is the sort of thing people need to do on their own'" Smiegal is the type of guy who thinks he's freaking genius and more than anything just likes to listen to himself speak. G-d knows I would've understood, for thats the same thing I would tell Spanky before I decided that I couldn't take anymore of his bullshit and kicked him out of my life.