Candi Stratton..... WOW

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So if anybody has ever been to a drag show, you know how fun and amazing it is. If anyone knows who Candi Stratton is, she is the greatest. Absoluely one of my favorites. I was called a lipstick lesbian by Candi..... If any of you knew me, you know I am anything but.

She is the only one who could ever get away with it....

I love her so much....

She is always in the Drag Shows for the two Universities where I am, and she makes them so fun...

All of you who do not know who Candi Stratton is... I suggest google.
She is a very wonderful Cher impersonator, and a beautiful ,wonderful human being.


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Wow. She is gorgeous. I wish

Wow. She is gorgeous. I wish I was that pretty.

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