Catching up.

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So today was the first day of basketball practice. It was pretty uneventful, we got our jerseys and learned our first two offenses. Oh yeah, tryouts sucked. They began on Saturday and lasted until Tuesday. Saturday was like a regular practice and Monday-Tuesday were track days. We ran three miles both days, it was lame.

Oh, I also now have a creepy stalker. She's on the J.V. team and she's a CREEPY freshman (yes, she deserved capitals). First off she was creeping on the varsity table and trying to but into all of our conversations. None of us like her to begin with because while we were all trying our hardest on the track and during our sprints she just walked and complained; we can't stand quitters and whiners. So back to the varsity table, I was walking over to it to sit in my spot and she jumped in front of me and sat in my spot. She's not varsity.... and it's my spot lol. So I was kind of pissed. Then she butted into all the conversations so I got up to talk to some of my teammates who were walking into the Cafeteria. I walk up to them and told them how creepy and annoying she was and they just nodded and looked behind me.... yeah, the bitch followed me. So I was like "shit" and awkwardly walked away silently hoping she'd leave me alone. No, she still followed me. So I began jogging towards the locker room and she started sprinting after me. She wasn't like trying to beat me up or anything, she was literally following me. My whole team watched her sprint after me and they began cracking up. I hid in the weight room from her lol. She also has a voice that belongs on Seseame Street. Like no joke, it's so deep and monotoneish. She's also gay and I'm pretty much afraid that if she finds out that I am she's going to try stuff with me and I'm in a relationship, and I'd never cheat, especially with that girl.

Speaking of how she is gay, one of my teammates commented how she's so weird and how she's a lesbian and I just replied to her how there's nothing wrong with her being gay lol. Then my teammate put her hand on my shoulder and was like, "I didn't mean it like that. You're a cool gay, you aren't creepy and you don't sound like a man." Hahahahahaha. She made my day.


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lol I can totally relate to

lol I can totally relate to your situation...there's this creepy niner (freshman, whatever, Americans) who is a total cling-on to me and a friend, and we're both lesbians. We have no idea about her, but she seems to take a great liking to us and WON'T LEAVE US ALONE. Something like that. G'luck dislodging the stalker. Bball is awesome btw.