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Someone suggested to me recently that because i am twenty-four years and am just starting to come to terms with my sexuality that i must suffer from internalized homophobia, ( i think they meant to say, i HAD suffered, but whatever. While were on this subject let me describe to you the guy that had been a "mentor" of sorts.

Late 40's Bay area resident, claimed to be bisexual but never went into much of any detail regarding past romantic relationships other to say that he's dated both men and women. Very knowledgable about gay culture yet would speak disdainfully about GLBT politics.

Would try to coach me on how to court women: to be able to live a functional heterosexual lifestyle is something which i think wouldve been nice so for the past year i have( somewhat desperately) tried. No matter what success I had, the guy would always find something to dump on.

What brought things to an ends was this. He started freaking out when I told him i had read some of Joe Kort's " 10 Things Gay Men Can Do To Improve Their Lives" than he threw a shitfit when i sent him a link to a post i made here on Oasis where i acknowledged that I most likely am gay. He told me " You need help, seek therapy," The jackass had been trying to vicariously live through me it seems and couldn't handle my winding up where he is far too neurotic to go himself.