Dragon Naturally Speaking 10

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Hello everyone. Sorry I don't have any gay news for ya.

I sincerely hope that someone out there, cause this is the only way I can seem to find or think of getting help, has heard of or uses DNS 10.

I have it, I got it for a great discount through a college program and it worked great for a while but isn't doing what it needs to now.

First some of the commands wouldn't stop working, I remedied this by simply closing my profile and then reloading it. Small price, but at least it worked.

Now, DNS 10 will type and do commands as I say in any program functionable with it... EXCEPT Microsoft Word 2007, which I've been using all along. I have found no fix. No support forums with a listing of this problem (at least for this version of MS Word anyway) and cannot afford the pirces associated with calling Nuance, or even emailing as they charge for that too. Well... except in certain places outside of this country.

Do anyone use this program? Can anyone help me? I've even uninstalled then reinstalled, still no fix. I haven't even gotten any errors for crying out loud!

Hoping to God someone can help...


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Just type and use your mouse, you lazy bastard.

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but I figured it out myself.