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Legal Research class tomorrow. We get our Westlaw accounts tomorrow, w00t!!!!
i was just reading a column on indegayforum on transgender issues, and i got to thinking about some of things I had said in my early posts and than i read in the comments section, comments readers made many of which echoed my early remarks about transgendered individuals not being part of our struggle.

"I simply do not identify with a person with gender dysphoria. My sexual identity has to do with erotic orientation to other men, my own kind, not a wish to be someone else entirely. Drag queen, transgender or straight cross-dresser (why do we leave them out?)'s all got nothing to do with me"

I echo this sentiment only as far as to say transgender issues are not something I understand or can relate to. THAT IS ALL.

"The inclusion of the T (and why the B is there God and the HRC only knows) just serves to re-inforce the large cultural assumption --one I have resisted seeing but now find inescapeable-- that being a gay man really means being a girl in a male body."

i admit, at one time I shared that viewpoint. It is a large cultural assumption, but it is hardly fair or sensible to use transgendered individuals as a scapegoat.


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While I'm still inclined to use gay as a catch-all term rather than LGBT, I don't really have any issue with the T being in there, or the B. Once you get past those 4, though, I'll start rolling my eyes...

I am continually perplexed by the journey, though, and find a LOT of thinking strange to me. But I've never been afraid to look stupid (practice makes perfect)...

If you need to boil this down to something tangible, the same people who hate gays hate transfolk, and their fight is ours as well, because they come from the same place. Like you said/quoted, people are likely creating that distance for reasons of internalized homophobia.

"People who are happy are slugs... They do not move the human race forward."
-- Camille Paglia, on Oasis