Empty Sentences

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I haven't posted much on Oasis as of late.

Rather, I haven't posted much about my life on Oasis as of late. I comment plenty, and I write poetry for you all (I hope you like them, I've got no way of knowing), but I don't post much about my life.

It's like I don't feel like I can say these things here anymore. I just can't talk about the things I do here...

Also, I don't think that I'm very useful in giving advice or helping people lately either. The only person who I think I've helped at all is Swimmerguy, and I didn't even use Oasis for that, I've been E-Mailing him.

I'm really not doing anything for you all, and being here just doesn't seem like it used to. I used to be helpful here, and now when I come online it seems that any advice I give is either ignored or blown off, and any journals I write are completely unread. (Whether they really are or not is irrelevant, that's just how it feels.) By the way, I'm not saying I want every little word I say to be paid strict attention to. That's not what I'm saying at all. I'm saying that I feel like I'm just not being useful here.

So I guess... I dunno. I just wanted to say that. I'm not leaving or anything dramatic like I usually claim, I just wanted to say that.


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well, even if you don't feel

well, even if you don't feel like you're doing much good, we're glad you're here. and i'm sure i'm not the only person who reads journals but doesn't necessarily comment. i'll try to work on that.
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You're definitely doing good

You're definitely doing good here man!

And I'm the same - I read everything on this site, I'm just bad at commenting... :/

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