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That's it?

...just a general recommendation to all? Or, as in I've been ******?

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less of a recommendation

less of a recommendation more of an imperative

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Ah... A heart-felt expletive!

...marking a near end to your unenviable ordeal of seemingly interminable exams? I can hope...

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nah, it's over. last one

nah, it's over. last one yesterday. it was bad. who cares about the acidity of titanium chlorides

my skin's peeling on my finger lol

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A Euphoric Event! No?

Here's cheering that your desired university admission will soon follow... along with a generous scholarship.

Hope your father's visit for your graduation goes well.

More cheers...

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something wreckless needs to

something wreckless needs to happen

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The Master of Crypticism (coined)

...has spoken. I concede ;)