Finished With The Bar Scene. For Now

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I decided to forego my movie plans and instead do somewhing which would hopefully lead to some positive social interaction. I went to another gay bar, this time down in the West Village. The Stonewall Inn, Yes, THAT Stonewall Inn, the scene of the riots in the summer of 1969. I wasn't really planning on much , just having a beer, hanging out for a little bit and then going home. Just my luck, who do I end up getting a stool next to but Anthony, the guy I met on my first gay bar excursion beack in August. He remembered me but he didn't remember my name. I wound up hopping with with him to these two piano bars. He tried to butter me up along the way, none of that giving sage advice bullshit like last time. This time he was very clear that he was only interested in getting cock. I've said it before and i'll say it again fortysomethings hitting on twentysomethings is just GROSS.


Perhaps I'm just too young for the bar scene.


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some people are into older guys...and the saying comes to mind:cant blame him for trying

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Gee, a 20something leaves a bar with a 40something to go to two separate bars, and the 40something thinks he's getting some? Makes sense to me.

Also, Stonewall is an older crowd, no? So, a younger guy going there would typically be looking for older guys, last I checked.

Not sure where the younger guys would be these days, as I never go clubbing in NYC, although I might be doing a 4-5 night excursion in December. Even so, I won't be clubbing much, just checking out hoods and syncing up with friends.

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This is common and sad at the same time

I've see a lot of this in the time I spent in the gay bars, and not shocking in a culture where a then 22 year old (me) was called an old man!!!

I think you'll be shocked when I write about my boyfriend, coming soon in my journal.