Frankly, I'm disturbed... (Brief article on Bisexuality)

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By the recent societal notions of bisexuality.

I hear far too often that bisexuals "can't make up their minds" about whether they like men or women, or that they "are just trying to convince people" that they're really mainly attracted to one gender with occasional "deviations".†

Bisexuality is a real and accepted expression of sexuality. It is not merely a phrase. There are people who are genuinely attracted to two genders in the world. The assertion otherwise is no better than the claims that homosexuality does not exist, or that gender-queerism does not exist. It is both incorrect and offensive.

Statistically, the rate of genuine bisexuals is relatively low compared to those who are "bisexual" due to fashion. This, too disturbs me, the notion of Fashionable Bisexuality. While I am open minded towards those of all lifestyles, I prefer honesty. Those who are straight or homosexual should not claim to be bisexual in my opinion. If one does have sexual escapades with both genders, but is in fact heterosexual or homosexual, I believe that they should simply admit this instead of lying about their sexuality.

Note: This article is my own opinion. I am open to criticism, as long as it is not flaming. I am also open to the fact that there will probably not be much feedback on this.

† Yes, all those quotation marks are justified. The terms used are verbatim from conversations and comment I have heard from various sources.


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i agree completely. i feel

i agree completely. i feel like i might not be taken seriously when i come out to the general public because people think that "bisexual" is just a meaningless word. at my school, it's kind of synonymous to "slutty girl". which i'm most certainly not. it's because of these connotations of bisexuality that i prefer to simply call myself "queer".
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I agree with pretty much

I agree with pretty much everything that you said. I know a lot of people that think that bisexuality is just fashion, or just a phase on the way to being gay... I also know a lot of -very- legitimately bi people. As in... there's no way they could not be bi.

As for fashionable bisexuality.... it annoys me too. Be open about who you are... don't make other people seem less honest about themselves. Is it really that hard to do that?

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I had my bi phase.

I DID come out to the first few as bi. After I got a mostly positive reaction, and I figured out some more things, I accepted I was gay. I then re came out to the people who I'd told I was bi.

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the way i see it is it

the way i see it is it doesn't make too big a difference to people whether you are gay or you are bi. Either way you're not straight.
What it comes down to is what one is comfortable identfying to others to be.

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I think the concept of

I think the concept of sexuality, and gender for that matter, is limiting. To rule ot an entire ~50% of a population is ridiculous, I my opinion. After all, love knows no boundaries.

But alas, even if love knows no boundaries I do not consider myself bisexual in the very least. I kind of like the term "equal-opportunist". However, I usually just call myself a homo for ease of conversation with folks I don't know very well.