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Freckles and I hung out yesterday. You know, the guy I started passing notes with.
And it was fantastic.
He's fucking adorable, a smart cookie, and we didn't have any awkward pauses or anything. It felt natural and we talked and talked and walked for four hours straight. I was so beat last night, but it was definitely worth it.
He would hold up an autumn leaf to his ear and crunch it.
Or hold one up to the light and tell me to look at it from where he was sitting, because the light lit it up from the back and it was beautiful.
We lined up broken glass and pebbles above a high way and talked about how clumsy we are, and talked about books and words.
He told me that he had been looking forward to hanging out, and that he was so sure it was going to rain because it would have been too poetic, otherwise. It turned out beautiful outside.
We didn't hold hands or kiss or anything, but he did walk me to the train and then asked me,
"so when can i see you again?"
and we decided next weekend, and later, through text i said that i enjoyed myself and he said,
"so did i. i'm glad we hit it off."

i think this might end up going somewhere.

love always.


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thats so cute

" the most buetiful woman or girl in the world could be of no differnce to me, but tall soldiers..they ar my weekness" fredrick III, king of prussia in 1732

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u know that adorable and it looks like it could be something. :)

Life is easily complicated.