Good signs in my dreams

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If you remember earlier this week I wrote about a dream I had which involved my crush giving me a gift for my birthday. Apparently, dreaming about my birthday means that I completely accept myself. How cool is that? It made me happy :)

The meaning of the gift was : "suggests your good luck in prosperity and love. You are being recognized for a job well done and others are respecting you for it."

The first part I dunno, but the getting "recognized" part is true in college. Both of my "crushes" have complemented me on doing well on tests and getting through the work quickly. And no, they are not both teachers! Only one is :P Well, she's not a teacher. Not really anyways. lol.

It's okay, I see how screwed up this is. :]

I can't wait to see what I dream about tonight :D


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I love it when you post

I love it when you post about your dreams. That was not intended to come off as creepy as it sounded