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i am a newly residence in Dubai and having a panicky time at the moment.
Me and my hubby used to take condoms but last night the condom broke and we were in hell stress.
My first period was on the 9 Nov and now its 18 Nov
Some of my friends are telling me not to worry as its still safe but I am still scared.
I tried to check the pharmacies whether they have EC but none of them have so I am thinking to take BC pills that act as EC.
Any suggestions for me?????
It happened last night so I guess I am not too late to do something!

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Not sure why a gay youth site would be a good resource for this...

Go see your doctor. Get some morning after pills or RU486.

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You can't get the morning after pill in Dubai. The best you can do is take an overdose of the normal contraceptive pill and hope it does the same thing (you should probably speak to the doctor first, I imagine).

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i agree with you jeff..

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Interesting subject.

Jeff is right.

This is particularly interesting. I don't think this guy's for real.

But then, I think a lot of people are Trolls. I call 'em as I see 'em.

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