I am sad

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I am really sad right now. My gf and I have 4 mice and a dog. the dog and the mice get along famously. That is why I got really sad when the dog found a mouse and gave it to me right away. On of the mice escaped his cage, and got out of the room they are in. I got back inside with the dog, and he started sniffing something. He grabbed the mouse gently by the scruff of the neck, and placed him down in front of me. I was trying to chck for any wounds, and the mouse died in my hands..... He wasn't injured, just sick. The dog didnt hurt him in anyway, he just got sick and died. How and why he escaped I will never know. In the several months that we had him, he never one even tried to escape. Now the dog is laying next to me, looking sad as ever....


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That's so sad! *Sob*

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awwww *hug* I am so clever

awwww *hug*

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Ohh I am sorry! It is hard to lose a pet! Hold your head high!



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aww. im sorry for u and the dog. :( poor mouse.

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I'm sorry your mouse died :( lots and lots of *hugs*

And I can't believe your mice and dog get along.

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