I feel bad...

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I talked to my older brother on the phone today. It was the first time in nearly a year. Now I feel bad :/ He's mentally ill, Schizophrenic, and, well, it's a long story, but he lived with us for about 5 years and those years were pretty hellish. He was on and off his meds and also drank. A lot. Not a good mixture. We had our ups and downs. So, I was talking to him today for a bit and he sounded really well. I just wish we could go down and visit him before Christmas, and while he's still happy and in a good place. It almost makes me sad when I think about him saying goodbye "Hey, thanks for calling Ash. I really appreciate it....I hope I get to hear from you again...or even see you"

I just cried while typing that out. Ahh...the way he he said it is going to haunt me for a while. I can never get out why that means so much, I guess you'd have to go through what we have together.


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Oh darling- what can I even

Oh darling- what can I even say to you? just my sincerest sympathy

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Oh my *HUG* I have no idea

Oh my *HUG* I have no idea what you are going through. I am on the opposite side. Best wishes to both of you.

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:hugs: I have nothing to say really other than I wish you both well. And if possible, keep in contact with him if it isn't too hard for either of you. I'm glad he's doing well right now.

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Thank you all for all the

Thank you all for all the hugs and lovely thoughts :)