I feel like im new.

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i feel like i've changed, for the better. i know i already wrote a blog with that name but this one's abit different i suppose. my semi-bestfriend bambi is drifting away from me, or maybe im pushing her. i believe that im just... different. shes used to me being the stuck up, rude to everyone, pot smoking, booze drinking bestfriend that she's always known.
If i havent posted a blog talking about this next part then i guess you will all be educated about it now.(( lol )) im extremely supportive of transgender boys and girls. i like taking on a big role, weather it be throwing T-parties, talking to them about transitioning, or helping them find binders or doctors to begin their journey. and well, i was showing bambi a video of a transboi that looked alot like her ex-girlfriend and this girl was GORGEOUS, *drools* lol, and then i showed her another one, well, bambi said "shut that off please" and i asked "why?" and she proceeded to say "because thats disgusting, why would you take a beautiful dyke and make them grosse"
well, this pissed me off beyond belief and i just wanted to jump across my bed and bang her head in.
anyways, other then that i started on my community service for doing the graffiti, i've gotten 6 hours out of 40 done. and im catching up on my homework as well. but anyways, i worked at a local animal shelter and the puppies are the CUTEST things in the world, there were to black lab puppies and i walked in to refil their water and they started pulling on my shoelaces with their teeth. omg it was adorable. but yea, so i think i'll probably do all of my community service there, and then possibly apply for a job :]]
anyways, getting back to being new, i feel like the new people im meeting are better for me, i wanna put myself around people who arent substance dependant. i want to start my business and i just... i feel like im rushing myself into life to quickly idk.