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am i the only one how despises them?


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The Ones With Motors?

...then definitely; I'm with you! But I strongly suspect few others will agree;(

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bikes what kind

i like motercyles
there bikes and there fun

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No, I hate them too. :D

No, I hate them too. :D

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Motorcycles are loud, obnoxious, and dangerous. I really don't like them.

Regular bicycles, though, I love. I always had a bike growing up.

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Lol, I'm the opposite. I

Lol, I'm the opposite. I love motorcycles. Hate bicycles. They bug me, maybe because they are my primary form of transportation. They're all fun and stuff when you have another option, but ridding your bike across town in the freezing cold rain with really strong winds coming at you head on, not so much fun anymore. Not to mention you get to see everyone rush by in a nice toasty car. I hate bikes.

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