I miss Sexual Relations

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I saw my ex, Sarah (now James), today. I forgot how well we talked and got along. I left her a year ago. I was unhappy in our relationship. I left her for a young woman named Kara. It was not wise of me to leave one woman for another because it only caused a lot of pain in the end. And now I realize that I amy of used Kara to some extent...

I miss having sex. Sarah, was a incredible lover. She could always satisfy me. We became attuned to each others bodies very quickly. I have not had a lover like her in my life. Although I had one lover that received very well. I could pretty much do anything to her. But, she wasn't so good at giving. But I do miss being able to bend her over any surface and fucking her in every hole all at once. Anal was so awesome to give. I love making women cum.

I am single still. I do not want to be in a relationship, but I miss being physical with women. I find myself being offered a lot of relationships, but I don't take them. Nor do I take offers for sex because, often, those offers are followed by a offer for a relationship. All I want is a friend with benefits... But I'm such a sucker for a woman that needs to be rescued.

So I am planning to join the Canadian Armed Forces. I want to become a doctor, but I am not rich. So I will ask the government to pay for me in and in return I'll be a medic. I think it would be exciting picking up wounded soldiers from the front lines. I have done a lot of research into the matter, and I will basically be trained like infantry at first, and then I will be trained to be a medic. I'll get a gun to protect my patients and myself. And that sounds just as intense as I am.

Anyway, my roomie needs to use the computer. Oh yeah, I've moved out since I've last written.


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It sounds like you really

It sounds like you really know yourself and what you want. All the best for the army and your studies. I love how honest this is.

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I would be your friend with

I would be your friend with benefits...

I'm not even kidding. A friend with benefits would be totally awesome right now =)

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umm... im from edmonton

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winnipeg.... hmm... guess

winnipeg.... hmm... guess that's pretty far!!