I've lived the last 2 days on peanut butter and chocolate

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I was all tired at swimming and didn't want to teach because of my tiredness, which might have something to do with the title... I've been intentionally giving away and scarfing the not amazingly large load I got for Halloween. I eat healthy by avoiding the sight of candy. I'm just as happy without the candy, and with the candy I skip dinner and get all sick. UGH... So, now I've gotten rid of it, can go back to oranges instead of reeses. YAH!


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oh no.

candy is life. :) my day gets atleast 25% better with candy.

Life is easily complicated.

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Ill eat the reeses for you

Ill eat the reeses for you :D

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Make me sick, to be honest. S:

Asfortherestofthepost, I'm sorry you're tired. *Hugglewithneedlesstuckinyourspine*

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